Bournemouth Airport Parking Charges Rip-Off

Little did we know it when we arrived at Bournemouth Airport on Sunday but the car parks were ‘under new management’.

After several years of us just turning up and paying an exhorbitant £180 to park for two weeks we were astonished to find new signage saying the charge was now £20 per day plus any part thereof!!!  That meant that our two week holiday away was going to cost us £300 in parking charges.  A scandal!

We had absolutely no choice but to go ahead and park.

For the rest of the day our party felt disgusted at the scam being operated whereby unsuspecting holidaymakers were clearly being ripped-off.

On arriving at our destination I went online and found that by pre-booking we could have parked in the very same carpark for £82.  So, I ask, why rip-off people who simply don’t realise this? £300!  Really?

Bournemouth airport has had a tough few years and has clearly been struggling to make-ends-meet.  They introduced drop-off charges a couple of years ago much to everyone’s disgust.

You’d think they’d be falling over themselves to be friendly and welcoming to passengers so we’d all want to come back.  They’re not!

We were travelling with my 78 year old Mother-in-Law who went into the security line while we took the trolleys back.  When we entered security area we found her rather upset and struggling to open a ‘pod’ containing two clear plastic bags that she’d been forced to buy from a machine to put her carry-on liquids in.  The Bournemouth security team had told her that the polythene bag she had was ‘too big’ despite it containing just 4 tiny items.  This very same bag had been through Bournemouth security 3 times and Heathrow twice in the last 12 months.  A Jobsworth I think!

The management at Bournemouth would do well to watch the wonderful ‘Gatwick’ TV programme that was shown a couple of years back.  They fully appreciated the importance of getting passengers through check-in and security quickly so as maximise the time that passengers could shop and spend in the terminal.

At Bournemouth there were two people to check-in 180 passengers.  It took ages.  By-the-time we got through to the departure lounge we decided we didn’t have time to queue and then wait to have any lunch or even a coffee.  It was just a quick couple of bottles of water from WH Smith for the plane.  Hardly a big-earner for the airport.

So, on Sunday, the 5 passengers departed Bournemouth airport hungry, thirsty and pretty disgusted.

In summary, if you’re flying from Bournemouth Airport:

1. Pre-book your parking or travel by taxi.  If you don’t you’ll suffer the obscene turn-up parking fees.

2. Take some food with you.  You mostly likely won’t have enough time to dine in the terminal.



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